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Literacy is where it begins!


Summer Tutoring
Currently, we are only charging $35.00 per hour for all services, including assessments, interventions and tutoring.*

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Baker Learning specializes in early childhood literacy skills. We can help your child develop proficient reading skills, learn how to effectively write essays and become a competent speaker.

We have experienced and certified teachers ready to help your child succeed. We use our knowledge and experience, with current technology to test, monitor progress and teach your child the skills needed to bring your child to the level their appropriate grade level. 

We can find out exactly where your child's strengths and weaknesses are. 

Baker Learning will provide each child with technology enhanced, competent and fun tutoring that will have a positive increase in your child's literacy skills performance and a positive impact on your child's perception of reading, writing and oral presentations through a positive relationship between parents, student and tutor.

Price List
We are located right next to the Napoleon Room Entrance. 

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We are working hard to spread the word about the importance of a strong foundation in childhood  literacy through social media. We also hope to bring you more resources to help your child grow. 

You can also find is on Facebook and Linkedin.

Check us out on Twitter. @BakerLearning

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